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Type Service Price Range
Guest Posting Services With this service you are buying backlinks in articles handwritten by either you as a guestpost utilizing "PerfectPost" technology, or alternative written by the publisher in their own words. We do not offer spun content services. All originally written articles. You chose the anchor text and the quality type of blogs you want your links placed on. All charges are 1 time and your links are permanently placed. There are no contracts or commitments and you can cancel anytime. We offer a variety of "add ons" to customize your package to fit your criteria and improve upon quality control levels. [See Prices & Packages]
Homepage Text Link Ads With our homepage buying links service, the costs will vary depending on the type of link, the quality you are expecting and how much the publisher is charging for the space. Generally speaking the higher quality of the publishers website the higher the cost will be. The typical costs for 1 way backlinks average about $10-20 each. These are recurring 1 time charges for a link placed on the homepage. We offer cheaper links for $4-5 each and there are more expensive ones for $50-100+. Like with all products and services "you get what you pay for" . We offer both cheap one way backlinks and high quality homepage one way links. These you pay monthly for until you cancel. [See Prices & Packages]
Banner Backlinks With our homepage banner service, you can both drive traffic to your site via banner ads, and also gain a valuable backlink that certainly counts! Banner ads are the classic backlink that has standed the test of time. The costs will vary depending on the type of banner and the quality you are seeking space. These are recurring 1 time charges for a banner ad linking back to your site placed on the homepage. Prices again vary for banner ads based on quality. Strategicly placed banner ads can also drive traffic to your site! These you pay monthly for until you cancel. This is the least expensive way to grow your revenue. [See Prices & Packages]

*Please note the prices will vary for our white hat services depending on the size and scope of your website and campaign.

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