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backlink building can dramatically increase the ranking of your website

Backlink Building

You can use IBL Builder to grow one way links to your site. There are other ways to build them, but our challenge is why waste time scrapping around looking for places to add links, or begging for a link, or writing spammy articles just for a link, when you can interact with other members in our directory?

It's really easy to get started building your one way links. Simply open a free account using the link at the top of this page. Then submit your site to the member directory using one simple form. Once your site has been quality checked for inclusion, you can begin gaining links in the member directory.

To understand why building backlinks is essential, this diagram will help you see why they are more vital than other linking strategies:

one way link exchange

You quite simply have nothin to lose using our link exchange directory. If you are using "link market" or any of the other reciprocal link exchanges, you are not only wasting your time in terms of gaining "linkjuice" for your site, but you are also wide open to abuse. These reciprocal sites do not usually have any mechanism in place to check that both parties have their agreed links in place. SO all people do is to agree a load of reciprocal links, wait a week, then delete them from their site, giving them free one way backlinks, and you NOTHING.

With us, the backlinks that you are building are tracked daily. Every site is checked automtically to ensure that the agreed outbound links are in place. If they are not the owner is emailed and given a week to rectify, if they fail it goes to a review by our team, who check that the backlinks are there. If not their site is suspended and the owner is given 30 days to put the agree outound links back in place or have their site and all inbound links to it deleted.


It is easy to our backlink building directory, and we believe we offer a top quality site.

Free to Join - No risk trial.

Google Friendly. No automated or triangle linking involved, and we certainly are not a link farm!

We support you with a 24/7 ticket helpdesk, including installation support.

Anchor text that you choose is always displayed.

We monitor links - we visit every site, every day to ensure agreed links are visible - so you don't have to!

Backlink Checker - Live Yahoo Explorer data in every account.

Directory listings show you all the key stats about each site, PR quality, current inbound links, if indexed in Google and yahoo, Domain age. We do the hard work to make it easy for you to make the correct decisions.

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We offer a professional service to our members. If you have a question before joining, We are happy to answer them.
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