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Revolutionary One Way Backlink Exchange!

Add your site to the backlink exchange by completing a simple form. It is free to open an account and add your site.

Use the member directory to offer outbound links to build up your link credits. Spend your credits getting one way backlinks from the sites you have chosen to request from.

Thats all you do! Our bots visit the site network daily to ensure that all links remain in place, giving you total peace of mind.

How Can A Backlink Exchange Be Non-Reciprocal?
how our backlink exchange directory gets you only one way backlinks
Every time you offer an outbound link to another member via the directory you gain a link credit.

You spend link credits requesting other members link to you.

This give-to-receive system means you get to build genuine one way backlinks!
A One Way Backlink Exchange - How Can That work?
IBL Builder is a revolutionary one way backlink exchange. If you are using reciprocal link exchanges such as link market, you are already basically doing what we offer, but you are only gaining less valuable reciprocal links. We use a clever credit system that means you gain credits for offering links, and you then spend those credits requesting links from sites you choose.

Our system monitors link deals to ensure triangle or reciprocal links are not formed, keeping you safe and ensuring you only exchange backlinks. Our system also monitors all agreed links are on display daily, giving you peace of mind.

All sites submitted are manually checked out by our team before being authorized, helping protect the network from scammers and cheats such as scraped content sites.

You simply cannot lose using our one way backlink exchange directory. If you are using a reciprocal exchange you are getting less valuable links and if you are using an automated exchange you are putting your sites future at risk with a Google ban. Why bother when we offer a venue for you to exchange your backlinks in safety. Please note this service is not a traditional display advertising network.


Is my site eligible to join?
Unless you are doing something dodgy, then yes! Our manual option supplies the html links to paste into your site when you do an outbound link deal. As long as you can provide us with a valid, visible URL where your outbound links will be displayed, then can use our link exchange directory.

If you want to take advantage of the automated link management code, which displays your links automatically when you do an outbound deal, you need to have a site which meets the following criteria:

*Uses the file extensions .php or .shtml
*Uses Smarty templates
*Is a Wordpress blog that can use our plugin widget.

Even if you cannot use any of these, you can still paste links into your site manually and take advantage of our fantastic one way link exchange directory.

Your site must be English language and must not meet any of the exclusion guidelines outlined here.

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Easy to use, and gets results. Try it now - it's free.

Google Friendly. No automated or triangle linking involved, and we certainly are not a link farm!

members supported via a 24/7 ticket helpdesk.

Anchor text that you choose is always displayed in your links.

We Police the network - we visit every site, every day to ensure agreed links are in place - so you don't have to!

Check your backlinks - Live Yahoo Explorer data is in every account.

Backlink Directory listings display all key stats about a site, PR quality, current inbound links, if indexed in Google and yahoo, Domain age. We do the hard work to make it easy for you to make the correct decisions.

Ask Us A Question!
We offer fantastic service to our members. If you have a question to ask, we are happy to answer them right now.
TOP QUESTION: Is it safe for my site?

Using IBL Builder is the safest way to build backlinks to your site. We are not a link farm, there is no reciprocal or triangle linking, and our service leaves no footprints. Using our manual option, your links are paste into your page by you, so they can be positioned etc as for any other link. Nobody other than you can tell you are using our service, and you ever exchange genuine one way backlinks.

We manually vet each site entering the network, and out bots visit each site daily to ensure links are in place. The bot also checks for large content changes and checks against a trigger-word list, meaning our backlink network is probably the most policed link exchange network on the internet.

Safe, easy to use, good for your sites rankings, free to try. Enough reasons to try it out?

Preview of whats inside our unique back link exchange:
views of our link building exchange

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