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how to get good backlinks IBL Builder is a revolutionary new breed of link exchange
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there are 3 types of link exchange, reciprocal, triangle and one way links
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Getting more backlinks and pushing your site up the Google search pages, is not all about quantity OR quality. Google especially likes link diversity as well.

Having good link diversity shows the search engine that you are less likely to have engaged in manual linkbuilding, and also that your site is popular. Link diversity means having one way links pointing at your site from a wide variety of site types, ie not all vbulletin forums for example, and from a wide range of different IP addresses. This is also known as IP Diversity. So a "good backlink" needs to fit this criteria.

Link diversity and the quality of the link you are getting is FAR more important than the relevancy of the link, so you need to prioritize that in your thinking.
Quite simply build links from a wide variety of site types. If you build links into social network profiles all the time for example, you may actually find that a lot of those links are from the same IP addresses, because sites like allow you to build hosted social networks. It is the same with hosted forums and blogs.

Without going into painstaking detail every time you want to get a good link, the obvious thing is to just get backlinks from independent websites on different subjects etc, that are obviously unlikely to have the same IP address.

That is where IBL Builder comes in. We have over 2000 members, most of which own an independent website hosted on their own hosting account and many hand coded. So the chances of achieving high IP and site type diversity are obviously greatly improved. That is yet another reason to use IBL Builder as part of your backlink building strategy.
opening an account is free, and your trial zone is free. There is no up-front financial commitment, and a full account should you choose to upgrade costs just $3.50 - the price of a beer!
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