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there are 3 types of link exchange, reciprocal, triangle and one way links
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This question gets asked a thousand times a week on forums around the net. Google demands backlinks to a site for it to rank well in their search engine. But these votes of a sites popularity are hard to come by.

Of course you can do what everyone else is doing, submit your site to directories, submit to social media, spam blog comments, beg for link exchanges on forums. How to get backlinks to your site is a key question most webmaster have, and we can help you to answer that question with a free IBL Builder account.

What you need is to get more backlinks from a wide variety of sites, some related to your subject, some not, and from as many different IP addresses as possible. But other than emailing wemasters and begging for a one way links, which they are unlikely to give you, how do you get these valuable one way links?
IBL Builder is a new type of member-driven link exchange. In the traditional link exchange people do just that - exchange links. This of course forms a reciprocal link that Google can spot a mile away, and devalue.

Our unique system allows our members to build one way text links through our member directory. On top of that we monitor every site in our network daily to ensure that everyone is displaying links on ther sites.
Cost effective, safe, easy. Your site can gain one way backlinks from a wide variety of sites using our members area. Free to join, free to try, no money to pay up front. No brainer.
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