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faq's about our revolutionary one way backlink exchange

What is the difference between this and other link services?

The main differences is our experience in operating under the radar so that you get natural one way links to your site in smooth and effective way. Other services offer reciprocal linking, or two-way linking. This type of link is rarely worth the time or effort it takes to set-up due to Google discounting reciprocal links very heavily. Google does this because it finds the two links and can see that they have been set-up to "game" Google.

Most linkbuilding sites allow you to build those reciprocal links. We are different because we use PerfectPost technology where your perfectly written article is posted on non-spammy websites and blogs. These are far more valuable as Google does not penalize these links. For more information click here to see how it works.
I have heard this before - you are one of those automated linking sites right?

IBL Builder is a revolutionary new way to get more one way backlinks, that you control. Our system does not involve reciprocal or triangular linking. Nor does it involve linkfarms, forced link pages, or any other dubious practises. We do not offer link exchanges or reciprocal links.. You are in complete control of your linkbuilding. You make the decisions to focus on quantity or quality (we always suggest quality over quantity!). All we do is provide a system that allows everyone to build one way links, and then we monitor our service to make sure it delivers the effectiveness you expect.

There is nothing we are aware of within our system that will get you banned by Google. Millions of sites are using the old fashioned reciprocal link exchanges every day, and they are not all banned, despite it being obvious to Google that the links they have are reciprocal. Our members are much safer as there are no reciprocal links for Google to follow, and nobody other can tell who is using our link system.

Can I specify the link anchor text that will be displayed on other members sites?

We have 2 modes of operation, manual and automatic. Automatic is more cost effective, however there is some tradeoffs. With the automated services, guest post articles are written on websites and blogs and they link over to you. There is no check on exact anchor text other then them linking to you. The site owner does not manage the links, you do from within your account. You decide the anchor text you would like and you decide the URL you would like it to link to. Our system then checks that the anchor text and link remain in place on agreed sites in the format you specified.

So if you are looking to build one way backlinks to your site, with keyword anchor text that you choose, then IBL Builder is exactly what you have been looking for.
Can any type of website use your one way link exchange?

Yes. We offer two link display options : Manual and Automatic. If you choose the automatic option the price is lower, however the service is completely automated. The websites and blogs in the network link to you on the quantity you specify.

However, our Manual option can be used for the BEST results. Our highly ytrained staff looks for the best and highest quality website blogs to link over to you. Expect only "5 star" rated blogs in this service.

So who are you guys - will you be sticking around?

IBLBUILDER's parent company is Jemple, a UK Ltd company. This project has been set-up with its own five-strong development and implementation team (project co-ordination, marketing,design, admin and coding). This investment means that IBLBUILDER is seen by us as a site that will always be around, delivering our members links.

Our ethos with IBLBUILDER is simple. To offer people a simple, robust system, backed by help from real people. IBLBUILDER was born due to our own real-world frustrations with inbound link building, and the limited options for legitimate (and cost effective) link growth. So we have developed IBLBUILDER so that you do not have to ever suffer those frustrations!

Members can always contact us quickly and easily via the ticket helpdesk available in all member accounts.
Does your service leave footprints on my site?

We understand that people may not want anyone to know that their links have been built using IBL Builder.

We can reassure you right now that we make ever effort possible to eliminate any footprints. No service is 100% perfect but we take all precautions necessary to eliminate footprints.
What safeguards do you have to ensure links are displayed?

All links are checked monthly on each site by our automated bot. If a link is not found that should be on a page it flags it to the owner. If they don't fix the issue then the site is suspended from the network while we investigate on your behalf. Links to your site stand more chance of being in place with us than almost any other method.
English language sites only please. No warez, spam, scraped, illegal or adult sites allowed. We only allow our members to get one way links from quality sites.
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