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how to get inbound links faster

Get Inbound Links - How To Beat The Opposition

Did you know that there is a little known tool from Google, that can really help you to get more free inbound links for your website?

It is a fantastic little free service from Google. I should not really be writing about it as it can give you a real competitive edge in the race for getting inbound links and pulicity for your website.

It is called "Google Alert". Do a search for it...on Google of course!

Basically, you enter a keyword and your email address. Every time Google indexes anything containing that keyword it notifies you via email with hyperlinked content.

Great, but so what?

Well, consider that you need to get more inbound links all the time. You need to seek out new sources of similar content to interact with. Sites that might link to you, relevant blogs you can comment on, breaking news items of relevance that you could do a trackback to from your own blog. The list goes on and on.

How will this help me to get inbound links?

Google alerts will serve you up, on a big fat silver platter, any new content relevant to your keyword that appears anywhere on the internet! That means you can react instantly and make the most of any opportunity that arises that allows you to publicise your own website or blog, or gain one way backlinks to it.

It is also a great tool for keeping up to date with the very latest breaking news and content related to your niche. Use several alerts if you need to, and get yourself a totally free, Google-wide real-time feed of information and opportunities directly related to your niche.

So if you are looking to get a constant stream of real time information from Google as it updates its index, then you really should check it out. For building inbound links and spotting opportunities to market your site, it really is a very cool and little known additonal to your toolbox.

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