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learn how you can promote a website

So you have a website to promote....Now What?!

When you are doing everything for yourself, and learning as you go, it is really easy to not look as far forward as perhaps you should. This is why professionals pay project managers to ensure that all steps of a project are happening so that everything comes together at the right time.!

When I first started building websites I got so carried away with the design of the site that I often forgot to start the promotion and SEO steps throughly enough. In short I forgot to promote my website. At the time I thought I was doing enough, but on launching a new site, and each time finding it did not do as well initially as I had hoped, I realised that hope was not enough to ensure success!

The first thing to remember is not to beat yourself up if your website is not an instant hit. There are literally tens of thousands of new sites being put online every single day, and with millions of sites online, it is not easy to immediately rise to the top of the heap.!

So do help you out, I am listing the major things you need to do to ensure that you cover the promotional and SEO basics when launching a new website. You should also bear in mind that from day one you should be building more one way backlinks to your site. A one way backlink is a link from another site to your own which you do not reciprocate. These are the most valuable links, and the more quality backlinks you obtain, the faster your hard work will pay off.!

1. Open a Google webmaster tools account. Ensure you verify your site and submit a sitemap.!

2. Open a Google analytics account and paste the code into your account. Do this early to ensure that from launch you have traffic data you can analyze.

3. Keyword research. Use the free Google Keyword tool to search for variations of your main keywords that will be more targeted and less competitive. You can view an article on keyword selection here.

4. Take you chosen targeted keywords from step 3 and weave them into each page/topic of your site and ensure that those keywords are within the key page elements. This means, title tag heading tags, and at least once within each paragraph on the page. Try to be clever in mixing keyterms up so that although the words are all there, that occasionally the order and positioning of each word changes. This will help it look less “spammy” to your actual site visitor.

5. Submit a press release. In learning how to promote a website, press releases are key. There are dozens of press release websites, but I recommend paying for a release through PR We, as their distribution and press readership is second to none.

6. Start a blog on your domain and write about what is happening on your site and business in a less formal manner. Blogs are great for getting indexed quickly and complimenting your main site by offering constant fresh content to the search engines.

7. Submit your site pages, stories and blogs to digg, stumbleupon etc.

8. Create a Linked In account and find people and groups within your niche to network with.

9. Open a Twitter account. You can also use Twellow to search for Twitter users within your niche and follow them. This is a great way to pick up followers as people will often start following you once they see you are relevant to themselves.

10. Build backlinks. You can comment on “dofollow” blogs, submit to relevant and quality directories, post on forums etc to build up backlinks. You will also save yourself a ton of time and effort by opening an IBL Builder account, as it will allow you to get backlinks more quickly than any other Google-safe method of getting backlinks. You can open your free account using the tab at the top of this page.

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