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Links Exchange Directory That Gets You Only One Way Inbound Links

Exchange And Gain Only One Way Inbound Links!
A One Way Link Directory!

Yes it is true. Links that you receive in our link exchange directory are genuine one way, inbound links.

How? In our exclusive link directory, you simply offer links from your site to other members. This will earn you inbound credits, which you can then spend on obtaining inbound links of your choice.

Our directory system blocks you from doing triangle or reciprocal link deals, so everyone benefits from getting only one way inbound links.

It is really easy to start building links to your site in our link exchange directory. All you need is to have access to your site via FTP in order to upload a snippet of code that will manage your outbound links.

How We Make Non-Reciprocal Linking, Reciprocal....

link exchange directory that gets you only one way inbound links

Everyone can use our link exchange directory!
Hosted,blogsvertise, squidoo, blogger, vbulletin, joomla. Whatever your site is using, our ***NEW*** "manual zone" option will allow you to build one way links and grow your website traffic.
What does it cost?
It is free to join our web link exchange directory. Your trial is free. Upgrading your account costs just $3.50. Click here for more info about our Link Exchange Directory.

Is my site eligible to join?
You will need the ability to access your website pages via hosting panel or FTP to use the service. We currently support sites using php, html, shtml, Smarty and Wordpress (plugin for non-hosted WP blogs only).

Your site must be wholly English language and must not meet any of our exclusion guidelines (click to view).

info on members waiting to get backlinks There are currently 846 Members, with 957 live websites waiting to GIVE YOU LINKS right now!

You build only genuine, valuable one way inbound links to your site.

Free to Join - No risk trial.

Google Friendly. No automated or triangle linking involved.

We support you with a 24/7 ticket helpdesk, including installation support.

Anchor text that you choose is always displayed.

Flexible - links appear where and how you want them.

Track your link exchanges - Live Yahoo Explorer data in every account.

The safest Link Exchange Around.
Members of our link exchange directory benefit from the directory using a unique credit system to enable everyone to build one way links rather than low value reciprocal links.

They also enjoy safety. Because our network automates tasks, not the allocation of links, we do not contravene Google rules. We also manually check every site entering our network for quality, and then check each site daily using automated robots that check for changes on each site.

Links are guaranteed to be on display because every member in the link exchange directory has code on their site which automatically displays their outbound links. So you never have to worry that agreed links are in place!

Links are displayed on your site how and where you want, and can even be styled using a style wizard. You have the ability to report and removed outbound links you do not like, and even to request deletion of a link to your site! We are the safest way to do link exchanges.

Join us now using the link at the top of the page
FAQs about Our Link Exchange

How safe is this for my website?
Very safe. We vet all sites entering our network for quality, categorization etc. All sites also receive a daily visit from our "quality bot" which checks for large content changes, banned words and absent links. So once you are linking to or from a site you know that we are monitoring it so you do not have to.

How Do I use the link directory to do link exchanges?
Once your site is authorized, simply go into the directory and select categories of site you would like to view. You can then see key details about each site to help you make a decision on offering a link or requesting one. We protect our members from spam and hassle by not displaying URLs. You know we have vetted the site, and you can see key details such as PR, domain age, current links etc.

Do I have to upload code?
Yes. It is to protect all our members once a link exchange deal is done. The code ensures links are displayed on sites in our network. It also means you only have to upload the code once, rather than manually having to add/edit/delete links maually as you would with other link exchanges. The code takes literally two minutes to uplad via FTP. If you are unsure how to do the upload, we offer animated tutorials, a knowledgebase and a 24/7 ticket helpdesk to help you.

So the link code does not hijack my site in any way?
Certainly not! The code is invisible. Nobody other than you will know you are using IBL Builder. There are no sponsored links or advertising, just the text links you agree to display with other members. You can even css style the link code so that it displays links to look the same as others on your site, using a clever style wizard in your account.

What about anchor text that is displayed in the links?
You choose the anchor text in your account. This is the text that will be displayed on other sites. You can even change this anchor text. You are totally in control of your keyword anchor text using our clever link exchange directory system.

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