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Tips for one way link building for a new website

As you are launching a new online presence it is very easy so be so totally looking at on developing a great site, that SEO and promotion is far down the priority list.

There are lots of things you can do before and just after launching a new site, to ensure Google loves you and your new site.

1. Register your domain name as soon as possible. The more aged the domain is, the more benfefit it will get for fast ranking and escaping the famous Google “sandbox” more quickly.

2. Get your domain pointed at some webspace and make at least an index page as quickly as you can, preferably several months before launch. Write a description about your new website, packed full of keywords and keyterms. If you are focusing on several keywords, make many landing pages. Get your site indexed by submitting it to Search engines.

3. On the day you go live, and even before, start building non-reciprocal links. Getting inbound links is essential to your site “hitting the ground running”. You can begin submitting to article and directories, emailing potential link partners and using social media to generate interest.

4. Commence a site weblog. Make sure your posts contain your keywords and are linking to your landing pages. Ensure you also publicise it by using ping o matic or a similar blog pinging service.

This key info will ensure your new website a great start in life. It is absolutely essential you understand how to get backlinks quickly, and start the linkbuilding process. Creating many routes that will lead people to your site will make sure that your website launch go much more smoothly. The more paths to your site you create through one way backlinks, the more rapidly you will see your site in the index.

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