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Web Link Exchange - Gain Only One Way Links!

There are loads of link exchange sites out there. And it can be confusing, especially with so much contradictory and just plain false information out there.

We want to help you understand why our link exchange is the best on the web for you and your websites success.

A reciprocal link exchange is one where you go into a member directory and choose the sites you want to link to/from. You then agree the deal and place links on each other sites. The problem with these sites is that for everyone to gain, a link swap has to take place. Therefore the links you gain are "reciprocal links", and these are almost worthless nowadays. This is because Google can see that you have both linked to each other in order to raise you search engine ranking, and so Google simply ignores the links.

IBL Builder has cracked the secret!

We have taken the directory idea from the familiar reciprocal link exchange. To it we have added a credit system.

When you offer a link to another site you gain a credit. You can then spend that credit requesting another site links to you via the directory.

So not only do you gain one way links, but because no reciprocal link is there, Google cannot devalue the link to your site!

On top of that benefit, our system also monitors all sites in our network to ensure that links are in place and that they have not had a "nofollow" attribute added to them. We offer you absolute peace of mind that the inbound links you worked hard to build, are working hard for your site.
This is why IBL Builder is the ultimate web link exchange. By signing up free and trying it out, you are giving your website the best chance of success you can.

But don't take our word for it - try us out free!


It is easy to use, and gets results. We believe in the value we offer, and so will you when you try it.

Free to Join - No risk trial.

Google Friendly. No automated or triangle linking involved, and we certainly are not a link farm!

We support you with a 24/7 ticket helpdesk, including installation support.

Anchor text that you choose is always displayed.

We monitor links - we visit every site, every day to ensure agreed links are visible - so you don't have to!

Backlink Checker - Live Yahoo Explorer data in every account.

Directory listings show you all the key stats about each site, PR quality, current inbound links, if indexed in Google and yahoo, Domain age. We do the hard work to make it easy for you to make the correct decisions.

Ask Us A Question!
We offer a professional service to our members. If you have a question before joining, We are happy to answer them.

A Great Value Link Site: Compare us and see Our Unbeatable Offer!

Site What they offer Pricing Total Annual Cost
Link Market "Unlimited" reciprocal links per account.
All outbound links are placed on same page of site unless upgraded.
Only less-valuable reciprocal links can be built.
1 year "unlimited" membership $49.70
Use of automated link placement code $25.85 a month
Sponsored listing upgrade $9.95 a month
IBL Builder 100 one way backlinks per zone.
You may have one or more zones per page, meaning links can be spread across your site.
Genuine, one way backlinks are built.
All links are checked daily to ensure they are visible and have not been "nofollowed"
Full zone $3.50
Premium tools $1.99
Featured listing $4.99
Use of automated link placement code - FREE
(per zone)

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